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Halton Chamber organises a range of regular networking activities and events designed to help you grow your business.  There is a lot of research which identifies the many benefits of networking, however, I just wanted to touch on a couple of them in the hope that you will join our network and help enrich our lives in the following ways:

1. Friendship Benefits

Having friends in the business, someone to talk to, is a fabulous gift that we regularly exchange here at the Chamber.  It's great to know that someone has our back, that we are there for one another. as it can be lonely when you work alone and feel equally lonely when you are responsible for many.

The Chamber provides a broad support network which can keep you motivated and cheery, act as a sounding board for ideas or hang in there and listen to you moan when needed. We all need support and the Chamber provides it.

2. Opportunities

The chamber provides a breadth of opportunities and exposes businesses to new ways of doing things, bringing new ideas and influences.  A solid network embeds you into the local community, allows you to become a key player in the local and regional infrastructure.

Opportunities like joint ventures, client leads, partnerships, chances to present and comment , businesses or assets bought and sold.  All the best opportunities are shared person to person in back channels. Everything from prime domain sales through to employment opportunities.

3. Advice

We all like to give friends advice, and sometimes they even ask for it!  We rely on our networks to advise us and keep us on track, and we give back to our networks in return. The better your network the more knowledge you can gain.

Whatever type of help or advice you require we can help you tap into informal advice channels, put you in touch with like minded businesses, arrange contra deals and put you in touch with possible mentors as well as help you benefit from more formal arrangements through advising on consultancy services, business support programmes, funding  and professional services.  

4. Assistance

The nice thing about being part of a strong network is that you can always find someone who is able to help.  This help can be used in many ways and can even translate to support networking activity on social media:

  • Promotion – Giving you a boost in traffic, reputation or sales
  • Community – Helping you build conversation and community
  • Links – Links in terms of Google and search engine optimisation, sharing news and information from their networks
  • Introductions – Connecting you to people you would like to meet or who they think are awesome
  • Getting you out of a hole – Fixing problems. giving you prior warning and  heads up when things go awry or having your back and supporting you, when you need it most

5. Positive Influence

If you surround yourself with hardworking, entrepreneurial and successful people then their attitudes, habits, world view, and associations will undoubtedly rub off.

There is some scientific basis for this so it's well worth gravitating towards likeminded people, with a more positive mindset who shared your goals and values. Not only will it make you happier for having motivating influences it will provide you with the opportunity to model successful people and improve your own performance.

The network you create when you become an active member of the Chamber will have a profound impact on your work and life and whilst the above benefits may not necessarily be immediate, over time the investment you make in networking will provide you with a significant and long lasting return. 

If you would like to expand your network, meet new people and develop new customers, the Chamber's networking events are the ideal platforms to achieve your goals.

For more information, click on the Events button above to see what events are coming up.  Alternatively, send an e-mail to or call 0333 358 3480

"Halton Chamber is by far one of the best Chambers in the North West.  The membership is excellent value and you will certainly reap your memberhsip back in the ToolBox sessions and special discounts they provide.  The ToolBox sessions are exceptionally useful and I would recommend every business as many of these as possible."

Debbie Sweeney, Solutions 2 Success

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