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As the leading business-support organisation representing businesses in the Runcorn and Widnes area, Halton Chamber is fully committed to developing the local economy and business success across the borough.

Halton Chamber Membership embraces a wide range of businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, from professional and consultancy services, import and export, engineering, construction, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and distribution, wholesale, retail, tourism and chemicals and petrochemicals.

A key role of Halton Chamber is it’s influencing role and advocacy services on behalf of local businesses, acting as the business 'Voice', representing the views of the private sector at local, regional and national levels and lobbying on a range of legal and regulatory issues that impact on and affect the Halton business community.

Chamber Members themselves benefit from a range of services, cost-saving initiatives, information and networking events.

These include:

  • Discounted Same-Day Export Documentation and E-Certification Service
  • Discounted Training, Workshops and Seminars
  • Fully funded and indemnified Legal, HR, Tax and Health & Safety Support
  • Halton Business Awards
  • Forward Exchange Currency
  • On-Line Business Directory
  • Networking and Inter-Trading Events and Activities
  • Business and Personal Development
  • Access to a wide range of Business Support Opportunities
  • Knowledge sharing & Information Exchange
  • Discounted Healthcare Cash Scheme 
  • Business Information and Quarterly Economic Reports
  • Member to Member Offers and Discounts

For more information on our services and activities, as well as information on how to join, please register your enquiry by clicking here.

 "I wondered ' what can Halton Chamber do for me ?' The Chamber helps businesses and their employees. Small, new, large or established. Offering reduced rates for professional courses; free presentations that actually improve how an organisation promotes itself; free websites to new start businesses. Even, reduced train fares to London for members. To name just a few benefits.”

Behavioural Safety Training, SOG.

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