Introduction from Chief Executive

In today's, changing times and sometimes challenging economic climate, Halton Chamber of Commerce is a constant that all businesses and support organisations can rely on.  Our sole purpose is to provide added value services to our members and supply the essential business support that organisations need.  We ensure that you get the best of the help available and the right type of support at every stage of your development, so by working together organisations survive those difficult start up years, develop the internal resources to support growth, find new customers, continually expand horizons and ultimately flourish.

To that end, we too are continually reassessing our services and taking action to add to and improve our activity for the benefit of our members and also the wider business community.  Please continue to feed vital information to us, as we are constantly evolving and rely on you, our members, as well as the wider business community, to help us plan future activities and provide essential, business centrered services.

However, you choose to communicate with us, whether you would like to email me direct:, give me a call 0333 358 3480, use social media or this web site, the most important thing to me is that we do stay in touch.  We are your Chamber and you are our most valued resource as well as our greatest asset,  By working together, there is so much that we can acheive for our businesses, our commuity and our region.

I look forward to us all getting to know one another much better.


Rachael Owen, Chief Executive


 "Being a member of the Halton Chamber of Commerce has been invaluable to my video production company. The networking events are run professionally and are well attended by businesses across the borough and from further afield. They are a great opportunity to meet people in business..."

Hannah Quinn, Gosh Productions

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