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What is a Chamber of Commerce?

A Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation made up of like-minded business men and women whose goal is to further the interests of their business community.  The Chamber's aim is to uphold the economic interests of the area which it serves.  Chambers do this by promoting business to business networking and encouraging inter-trading, they deliver taylored business services and support and provide a united business VOICE.

Halton Chamber embraces businesses of all sizes, in all sectors providing our members access to a wide range of business contacts and information as well as additional services, events, activities, cost-saving initiatives and networking opportunities.  A key area for Halton Chamber is its 'influencing' role, acting as the VOICE of business, representing the views of the private sector at local, regional and national levels and lobbying on a range of issues that impact on the Halton business community.

If you want to develop new contacts and expand your opportunties, learn how new initiatives could be of benefit to your organisation and have your say on issues affecting your business, then please get involved and join us at Halton Chamber of Commerce.

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