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With a wealth of expertise and technical knowledge here in Halton and Science and Manufacturing being well embedded, key clusters in the region, our borough provides a unique mix of cutting edge innovation, advanced manufacturing techniques and next generation digital capabilities all accessible alongside the traditional and long established science and manufacturing businesses.  Increasingly we are evidencing great synergy between these two sectors, which when combined with a well-established supply chain, creates unique advantages for all.  Halton is where Science and Manufacturing meet. 


Halton's Specialist Science & Manufacturing Network

This is a specialist network specifically designed to advance and support Science and Manufacturing across the region.  Everyone actively working in the Manufacturing and Scientific Sectors is encouraged to join and all events are free of charge.  All Halton Chamber Members are also eligible to join this network and attend these events free of charge. 


Behind the scenes exclusive site tours

Shared learning

High level, tailored expertise and support

Access to funded programmes

Sector specific presentations

Interactive workshops and discussions

Peer to peer collaboration

Cross fertilisation of ideas & improvements

Best practice dissemination

A safe space for collaboration


To find out more please call 0333 358 3480 or email  or just book on to the next event by clicking here

Together we visit local science-based organisations and a breadth of manufacturers to share a ‘behind the scenes’ tour with unique access to the people, processes and plans of these World class, market leaders.  These visits are further complimented by workshops, presentations and discussions to identify key issues, disseminate information, share learning, create new partnerships and access high level, tailored support. 

We know that the cross fertilisation of ideas and intelligence is a key driver for innovation and business improvement across all sectors.  Time and time again, as a direct result of this network, we see new products coming to market, improved techniques being adopted and streamlined systems coming to for fore.  Always inspiring, these regular meetings are specifically designed to encourage sector specific interaction and innovation. 


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'Although NP Projects are a new member of Halton chamber, we are already experiencing significant benefits from our membership. First Tues breakfast networking event is well attended, we have already received and generated leads from meeting other chamber members at this venue. More importantly are the contacts we have made within the chamber and the buzz membership has created'.

Managed IT services and solutions, Brian Cosgrove (Director)

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