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In order to help companies think about how their operations could be impacted, British Chambers of Commerce have created a Business Brexit Checklist, outlining key areas of operations where firms should assess what could change after the UK's departure from the EU. 

In the midst of high levels of political noise and turbulence, the BCC has also created an FAQ to distil the Brexit Agreement and to help businesses understand what it means in practical terms, and a Risk Register to assess progress on 24 business-critical issues.

Risk Register

For companies across the United Kingdom, the ultimate test of any Brexit deal is whether it delivers clear answers to the practical, real-world questions businesses face. Firms of every size and sector need clarity in order to take decisions, invest and prepare for the future. As HM Government negotiates a future partnership between the UK and the EU, the British Chambers of Commerce is assessing progress on 24 business-critical issues. Following the publication of UK government contingency planning, and as negotiations continue, we find that 15 issues remain ‘red’, 6 ‘amber’ and 3 ‘green’.

The British Chambers of Commerce Risk Register is avaialble here:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

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