Innovative Safety's 10 Top Tips to Conquer Your H&S Requirements

Wondering how to conquer your H&S requirements?  It’s pretty simple really… no, honestly it is! Below are ten top tips from Innovative Safety for H&S domination, so if you do one a month you will end up with a fairly robust Health & Safety management system before the end of the year, all without spending a single penny!


  1. Decide what could cause harm as a result of what you do and decide what precautions you need to take, if you write it down this will be your risk assessment.
  2. Decide how you will manage H&S within your business and write it down this will be your H&S Policy.
  3. Display a current Employers Liability Insurance Certificate and the H&S Law Poster
  4. Provide the appropriate H&S Training for your staff; this should be based on the findings of your risk assessment.
  5. Ensure you have sufficient competent H&S advice from an employee, an externalconsultant or a mixture of both.
  6. Provide toilets, washing facilities and drinking water.
  7. Consult with your staff about matters which may affect their H&S.
  8. Ensure you know what incidents, accidents and diseases need to be notified to the HSEand set up a procedure for doing so.
  9. Do not employee Children under school leaving age in an industrial undertaking, excepton authorised work experience schemes.
  10. Notify your local HSE Office or Environmental Health Dept if you start a new businessor relocate.


For help and advice, contact 0333 358 3480. 

2nd November 2018

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