Encouraging Young Engineers to Succeed – Halton Chamber Supports Engineering Week at Riverside College

Encouraging Young Engineers to Succeed – Halton Chamber Supports Engineering Week at Riverside College

Career opportunities and future prospects for those studying engineering were high on the agenda throughout ‘Engineering Week’ at Riverside College late last month. Val Allen, Chair of Halton Chamber and Rachael Owen, CEO, were invited to talk approximately 60 students to give them an insight into local businesses, the local labour market, the diverse range of SMEs locally and the impressive range of career opportunities available across the Borough.  With many large organisations and Universities keen to engage with these students, the Chamber was very grateful for the opportunity to promote local businesses and possibly career paths provided by SMEs. 

Promoting Local Manufacturing and Engineering Opportunities

Halton Chamber is a passionate supporter of education across the Borough and always keen to help close the gap between what is learnt in the classroom, lecture hall or lab and the skills businesses are looking for when recruiting new staff.  ‘Whilst most of these students are in their first year studying engineering, it’s important that they start thinking about potential career paths and the opportunities that Halton has locally.’ Said Val Allen, Chair of Halton Chamber of Commerce.  ‘It was a delight to see so many enthusiastic students, all studying hard, who will hopefully one day go on to support the exceptional engineering organisations we already have across the Borough.’

Our Future Workforce

There are lots of opportunities and ways for businesses and local organisations to get involved, as the Chamber now works closely with Secondary Schools, Senior Schools, Colleges Widnes and Runcorn as well as regional Universities.  We know of students that are looking for a business mentor or half day workplace taster, a couple of days work experience, a project that requires some
additional resource or maybe a 45 day placement to support a student’s studies.

‘However, you can help, it will be a worthwhile and possibly life changing investment of your time explained Rachael Owen CEO of Halton Chamber: 
We’d like to see all businesses to engaging and connecting with young talent early on, as it is so important for young people to gain real life experience in the workplace.  Work placements can help develop your current employees and they also help to shape your future workforce by identifying yourself as an employer of choice right from the start. It can be truly life changing.  Today’s students and young people are tomorrow’s workforce so it’s vital that we do all we can to support and invest in them.’’

If you would like more information on supporting and working with local young people whether that be through work placements, taster days, business mentoring and coaching, project work or the apprentice route.  Halton Chamber is keen to help.  Please speak to Helen or Rachael on 0333 358 3480 or email info@haltonchamber.co.uk



14th February 2020

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