International Credit Reporting

Check the Credit Rating of Companies Worldwide

With many UK companies struggling for their very survival, it has never been more important to try and reduce costs in every aspect of business.  Credit references are no exception and with our new information enquiry services, members can save up to 90% or more on the cost of their overseas credit reports, every single time.

With numerous agents worldwide, we can ensure you have the right one, in the right region, to supply you with a freshly researched, in-depth credit report on any company, anywhere in the world, in English and at the right price.

As a member of Halton Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise, you can have access to this unrivalled network completely free of charge.

For further information, email or call 0333 358 3480

 "Being a member of the Halton Chamber of Commerce has been invaluable to my video production company. The networking events are run professionally and are well attended by businesses across the borough and from further afield. They are a great opportunity to meet people in business..."

Hannah Quinn, Gosh Productions

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