Using e-z Cert you can save time and money when getting documents certified.

Launched in 2000, e-z Cert is the original and most widely used online certification tool in the UK, with over 60 Chambers of Commerce utilising the service to make certification easier for the Chambers and their customers.  85% of Halton Chambers clients utilise e-z Cert.


As well as being the UK’s leading online certification service, e-z Cert is now being used in multiple countries worldwide.


Complete Certificates of Origin and other certified documents using online tools. With e-z Cert you can easily create and upload documentation for stamped approval by Halton Chamber Commerce.


Halton Chamber of Commerce is in receipt of your application the moment you press the submit button. Using our ‘express’ service you could potentially be printing the certified documentation in your own office within an hour.


Set up an agreement with Halton Chamber of Commerce, and then use e-z Cert to make quick and easy online applications for certified documentation.

For more information contact the Export Documentation Team on 0333 358 3480 or email certification@haltonchamber.co.uk


“We became a member of Halton Chamber because of the range of services on offer to help our business on a day to day basis, but also to develop and grow. One of Halton Chamber’s strengths is the staff. They have developed a one to one relationship with us and we are treated not as a number but as an individual company with specific needs - we have the support we need, when we need it.”

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