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It’s an irritating cliché, but one that’s true – you have to be in it, to win it. And really, for an investment of some time working on your business, ultimately will be the winner. Good luck!

The 2018 Halton Business Awards are now officially open for business. This year’s categories provide opportunities for everyone to enter and they focus on celebrating and rewarding good business practices – something Halton businesses have proven over recent years is in abundance.

Whether you’re a sole trader, small or large company, a manufacturer or service based business, new or well established, there are at least two or three categories you could enter. It’s really easy to do. Below is a list of categories for 2018. Please click to download the document and send your completed applications to

The categories for 2018 are:

Businesses can send multiple applications and enter more than one category.  To request an application form please email with a list of your chosen categories. Please note that the Halton Business of the Year is chosen from the winners of the other categories.

 "Being a member of the Halton Chamber of Commerce has been invaluable to my video production company. The networking events are run professionally and are well attended by businesses across the borough and from further afield. They are a great opportunity to meet people in business..."

Hannah Quinn, Gosh Productions

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