Halton Business Awards 2019

The Halton Business Awards are now up and running for 2019 - and you are invited to participate. We want to make sure that more businesses than ever get involved as a valued sponsor, proud applicant, honoured finalist, successful winner and much welcomed Gala Dinner guest.

Entering Awards is Good for Business

On entering your local business awards you will realise many advantages – whether or not you eventually win. Just by completing the application you can reap benefits for your business. It requires some time but the investment is worthwhile and the application process for the Halton Business Awards is simple and designed to encourage you to enter.


Whether you just enter, are shortlisted as a finalist or even win, the benefits are there for you.

It's a valuable opportunity to take a good look at your business. So often, business owners are overwhelmed with the day-to-day running of the company that they don’t get chance to step back and review. Going through the application process often brings a new perspective on your business.

It's a chance to involve staff in completing the form, it often raises examples of good practice which may have gone unrecognised, it can produce some pleasant surprises – “wow, even I didn’t realise we were that good!” Engaging staff in the process sends positive messages and confirms your belief in them.

It's good to benchmark your progress against other successful companies. Applying for awards is a chance for you to do this. You get to analyse which areas of your business are truely effective as well as consider those which could be further developed. The judging process provides a great opportunity to assess your position in relation to that of your peers and competitors.

If you are shortlisted as a finalist, that's when the rewards really kick in,  You need to shout about it - loudly. Tell your staff, suppliers and of course, your customers. Why? Because you are now recognised as a successful business.  This will help:

  • Raise your profile – get your name noticed more, in places where it matters.
  • Differentiate you from your competitors – you’ve been recognised as a successful business and you stand out from the crowd.
  • Enhance your reputation – being a nominated or winning company speaks volumes.
  • Help to build trust – your suppliers and customers feel safer with a recognised company.
  • Provide a real competitive advantage - when you are looking for new customers or retaining existing ones.
  • Increase sales – customers want to buy from reliable, successful businesses. Studies show that, more often than not, award winning companies increase their sales.
  • Boost morale – your staff can walk around a little taller, especially if they have been involved in the process. People like to work in successful businesses.
  • Assist in recruitment – you will be more able to attract the best people.


There are plenty of promotional opportunities from being a finalist – but if you win, it’s a champagne moment and something to really shout about:

  • Local media and trade press
  • Social media
  • Special logo on your literature, stationery, website and email signatures
  • Blogging
  • Networking


The Awards culminate in a glittering gala dinner and presentation evening which will take place on 15th November 2019, click here to book your tickets now. Shortlisted companies will receive one free ticket to the dinner.

“Being a member of the Halton Chamber of Commerce has certainly been an asset to our company. It has helped us make contact with local business throughout Halton.”

Paul Ward, Paragon PE

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