2018 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 11th of December saw Val Allen voted in as Chair of Halton Chamber at our 22nd Annual General meeting.  We are delighted to welcome Val into her new role as Chair, having served as Vice Chair for a number of years.   Lynn Pegler has now taken office as our new Vice Chair with Robin Tudor remaining in his role of Vice Chair.

The AGM also recognised Peter Cook’s tenure, having served eight years as Chair coming to an end.  Peter’s resignation from office was marked by a very moving, tribute video which recognised his significant contribution to the borough as well as Halton Chamber and featured a number of individuals who payed tribute to Peter, thanking him for his support.  This video, kindly created by CP&D, can be viewed on our web site along with the corresponding press release

If you would like more information on the appointment of Val Allen, Lynn Pegler and Robin Tudor we have uploaded the press release onto our web site here along with Peter’s final Chair’s Annual Report for 2018.


Appointments to Office



Val Allen - Chairperson

Lynn Pegler - 1st  Vice Chairman

Robin Tudor - 2nd Vice Chairman 



Re Elections 


Peter Cook (Plegmund Ltd)

Sauren Ghosh (Utility Warehouse)

Edwin Santley (ESL Electromech Ltd)

Mark Downing (BASF Plc)


 "I wondered ' what can Halton Chamber do for me ?' The Chamber helps businesses and their employees. Small, new, large or established. Offering reduced rates for professional courses; free presentations that actually improve how an organisation promotes itself; free websites to new start businesses. Even, reduced train fares to London for members. To name just a few benefits.”

Behavioural Safety Training, SOG.

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