International Credit Reporting

Save on International Credit Reports

Check the Credit Rating of Companies Worldwide

With many UK companies now choosing to trade with customers overseas it has never been more important to make sure you have the right credit information. But International Credit Reporting remains a closed and needlessly expensive sector with reports on foreign customers regularly costing more than £100 each.

But what if there was a way to cut this cost down, without cutting corners to get the information you need? A way you can stop paying extortionate mark-ups from UK credit reporting companies and go direct to their suppliers saving you up to 90% of the cost to receive exactly the same information.

Safe Collections can connect you with a local supplier of credit information in every country on earth, giving you up to the minute information on your current and potential customers.

With dozens of agents worldwide, we can ensure you secure a freshly researched, in-depth credit report on any company anywhere in the world from a reputable local supplier.

As a member of Halton Chamber of Commerce & Enterprise, simply get in touch with us and tell us what countries you need cover for and we will introduce you to a local credit reporting agent that can help. For further information, email Nicola Holland at Halton Chamber, or call on 0333 358 3480



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