SME E-COMPASS is a research project, co-funded by the European Commission, which aims to develop two web-based services that will provide European Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) active in e-commerce with the technological tools and knowledge for:
·          Strengthening their sustainability and security against e-fraud attacks and cyber risks
·          Increasing their customers’ trust and loyalty in secure Card Not Present (CNP) transactions
·          Expanding their e-business profitably over new cross-border markets in Europe
·          Enhancing e-shop conversion rates, by taking decisions and automatic actions based on available data analytics

Anti-fraud Expert System with multiple rules-of-thumb for assessing the risk of each transaction

Online Data Mining Service for improving SMEs conversion rates and understanding the customers behaviour and competitors pricing trends

A series of pilot trials and demonstration activities will be held in Spain, England and Greece with Small and Medium sized e-shops. 


Anti-Fraud System for SMEs 

Online or internet fraud is a constant risk  to e-commerce, despite the various efforts that have been made in the development of new anti-fraud technologies and the improvement of the legislative framework. Fraudsters are highly adaptive to current defensive measures, constantly devising new tactics for breaching your e-commerce security systems.

Among the various types of fraud, those related to card payments are undoubtedly the most frequently encountered and difficult to deal with. They threaten the sustainability of SMEs in e-commerce by increasing the financial risk of the merchant and undermining the customer's faith and trust in it s operation.

The anti-fraud system, designed as part of the E-COMPASS project will allow the immediate reduction of charge-backs by offering an intelligent and real-time assessment tool for transactions. The system can limit an e-shops manual review costs and improve its risk accuracy by being able to analyse different information sources and extract fraudulent patterns hidden in the transactional data. 

Take advantage of a strong, cross-industry wide reputation database and secure your transactions now. 


Online Data Mining Service  

Data is taking the lead in e-commerce tactics and a plethora of web analytics solutions are available in the market for e-merchants.  Small and medium e-shop owners need to understand how to make use of big and complicated data through easy to use and automated decision support web tools for their day to day operations.  The current web analytics tools only partially meet the requirements and resource constraints of smaller e-shops.  This becomes more obvious when exemining the difficulty e-shops face for analysing their web metrics and competitive products and prices.  Local e-shop owners need to overcome the complexity of current web analytics tools and the hurdle of developing the appropriate know-how for their monitoring.

to this end the SME E-COMPASS project will design and develop a customised, easy to use, online web-tool for SMEs that facilitates the usage of metrics and provides automated tools that only top listed e-shops currently use. 

Grasp the chance and try enriched web metrics and data visualisations for your e-shop.


Contact Halton Chamber of Commerce to trial the SME e-Compass web-based services free of charge and get:

  • Free usage of software applications for a specific period of time
  • Free training on e-commerce domains and software tools 
  • Participation in demonstration events
  • Networking opportunities with European e-shops to share knowledge and best practice

For more information on taking part, email Paula Cain or call on 01928 516145

Register now for free at www.sme-ecompass.eu


This project has received funding from the European Unions Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under Grant Agreement no 315637





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